How To Buy A Laptop As A University Student

How to Buy a Laptop

Today, many university students have their own laptops. They are a good tool for use in lectures and as many university students live away from home, they are easier to transport. It also means that you can study anywhere! New Picture1 How To Buy A Laptop As A University Student

Do your research and find out what specifications you need. Most students don’t require a state of the art device, but something that runs fast enough and has a decent amount of storage space. Graphics and sound probably won’t be a top priority unless you’re planning on playing games on the computer.

Decide what software you will need. Productivity software will be a must. Many universities offer software at reduced prices to their students. This will often be cheaper than purchasing the same software with a new computer. If your budget is limited, you can use free open source applications. is free and cross-platform and includes a word processor, spreadsheet, design software and database

Shop around for the most reasonable price, and when you have found the right computer at the right price, purchase it. Once you have your laptop, be sure to take good care of it. Replacing or fixing a laptop is an expensive task! Arrange insurance. University students are often a popular target for thieves. You may be able to find insurance with a provider on campus.

New Picture 2 How To Buy A Laptop As A University StudentTips
• If you have a friends who have laptops, ask them questions (where did they get their computers and why did they opt for a particular model).
• Many universities have special programs with computer manufacturers that can save money. Sometimes they’re good deals; sometimes they’re not. Don’t be afraid to shop around.
• Many universities have a technology department in their on-campus bookstore that offers sales as well as service. Oftentimes, these are non-profit organizations that have a relationship with the university. At a large enough school, this typically translates into paying less than retail for the computer and getting on-site service at a steep discount.
• If your university bookstore offers on-site service for computers, check whether there are limitations on the brands they service. Check whether they service computers under the manufacturers’ warranties.
• Make sure you know exactly what kind of laptop you need or want before you set foot in a computer or laptop store. This is to avoid being talked into buying a laptop you may later regret purchasing.
edit Warnings
• If you are purchasing a laptop to use during lectures, be warned. Some lecturers do not allow laptops to be used in lectures.
• As a laptop is portable, it may not be covered by some home insurances. Double check the fine detail to make sure you are fully covered.
• Don’t get a desktop if you need a laptop. You’ll end up regretting it, even if the specifications are better.

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